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Lumix DMC- FZ70

$279 (as of 12/19/2013)
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This is the updated version of the point and shoot camera that I carry around, myself.

It's larger than the other point and shoot cameras here. It will fit in a coat pocket, but not a shirt pocket, so you likely will carry it around your neck or over the shoulder.

It has an amazing 20mm - 1200mm 60X zoom with very good anti shake.

Full HD video with great sound.

The FZ70 has full manual and auto control. Set in to it's excellent auto mode (IA) and you're pretty much assured of great photos.

That being said, it has enough manual control and settings to keep you busy growing and learning for a long time.

The macro is terrific. You can get close enough to flowers and bugs to have them just about touch the lens.

Too many other features to list here.

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