Artist Statement

23 Years as Boston Celtics Photographer. Experienced in All Aspects of Photography.

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Artist Statement

Photography has been a passion of mine since I was young. It's still magical to me how a camera can freeze a vision.

I've embraced each new technology that could extend my ability to create visual art with a camera.

The work that you see here is derived from my desire to capture compelling visions with my own interpretation. The amazing photographic technology available at this time, allows me to capture images in a way that would have been difficult or impossible just a few years ago.

The prints

The photos are printed using a Giclee process ensuring that they will last a lifetime.

I was a professional color printer for years before I was a full time photographer and couldn't have dreamed of the quality, longevity and beauty of the prints available to me at this time.

The Pricing

The costs of framed and unframed photos is quite modest on this site.

This is in keeping with my desire to make the work accessible to anyone who may enjoy it, especially in the current economy.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that the affordable cost is a reflection of the value of the work.

These pieces are beautifully printed in very limited quantities and are not widely available.

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