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All photos custom printed from the original color transparancies (not poor quality copies seen elsewhere) by long time Celtics Photographer, Steve Lipofsky www.Lipofsky.com - NBA Photos available for editorial and licensed usage - Refresh your browser on each page for latest photos

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BostonRed Sox Fenway Park photographs for sale
Beautiful photo of the Boston Red Sox vs the New York Yankees at Fenway Park in 1988. The Sox won the division and led the league in offense. This was the year of Morgan Magic with Boggs, Greenwell, Clements, Hurst, Boyd, Rice et al vs Mattingly, Henderson, Tommy John, Righettii, Randolph et al
An absolutely magical experience on July 22, 2002 when the Boston red Sox paid tribute to baseball legends, Ted Williams
Many more Fenway Park and Boston Red Sox photos coming soon