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All photos custom printed from the original color transparencies (not poor quality copies seen elsewhere) by long time Celtics Photographer, Steve Lipofsky www.Lipofsky.com - NBA Photos available for editorial and licensed usage - Refresh your browser on each page for latest photos

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Photos for Celtics 75th Anniversary Book

MUCH more available. Please send requests for additional images and subjects needed and I'll respond ASAP. Email here

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Magic Johnson and Larry Bird Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan Larry Bird, Kevin Mchale and Robert Parish Big Three Larry Bird vs Lakers NBA Finals
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I have a large collection of Celtics yearbooks, publications, posters, souvenirs, press tags and more available to scan

Section1 46 - 56
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More available
Section 2 56 - 78
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More available
Section 3 79 - 94
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HUGE collection of photos from this period
Robert parish Dunk
Larry Bird and kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Section 4 92 - 2004
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HUGE collection of photos from this period
Section 5 2004 - present
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I selected images that would resonate emotionally with the players and illicit heartfelt responses. Explanations available for all choices
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