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Professional FX (35mm size sensor) Cameras)
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Nikon D3x
Nikon D4
$7,194.95 (as of 9/6/2012)
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$5,999.95 (as of 9/6/2012)
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The D3x doubles the resolution of the D3s, making this a superb camera for studio photographers and fine artists, who want to create the largest, most detailed images possible from this format.

The tradeoff is less ASA sensitivity at the top end and 5 FPS, instead of the D3s' 9FPS.

That being said, great photos can be produced throughout the camera's ASA range.


Megapixels 24.5
Max ASA 6,400
Max FPS Full Res 5
FX (35mm size) sensor

I was shooting a First Robotics event the other day when another photographer turned to tell me "The D4 just came out".

I told him that he just cost me $5,000.

Nikon has really held the line on pricing their flagship digital cameras.

The D4 doesn't cost much more than the D1x that I bought a million years ago.

The D4 improves upon the D3 series with higher FPS (11) and a higher ASA (204,800).

The D4 has faster auto focus, especially with tele-converters.

The D4 has full HD movie capability with a headphone jack and external microphone jack as well as on screen audio levels.


Megapixels 16.2
Max ASA 204,800!!
Max FPS Full Res 11
FX (35mm size) sensor


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