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A few of my favorite things - Click on any item to see it on Amazon - Email me for advice, suggestions, questions - Scroll down to see all

Imagination Becomes Reality
This Go4D C1-Glass Works With Google Cardboard,
Without Sunglass case.  Two C1-Glasses in Poly bag.


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Steve Lipofsky

ZTS MINI-MBT - Mini Multi-Battery Tester

LamsonSharp 8-Inch Wide Forged Chef's Knife

Scanpan Classic 12-1/2-Inch Fry Pan

Just got these Virtual Reality Glass and love them. They work with your Android or Apple Phone.Click here to save 10%

Best battery tester made . Made in USA
(around $36)
Best knives in the world! Made in Shelbourne Falls MA.
Visit the factory for great bargains.
I use the 14 inch version of this pan every single day. By far, the best pan that I've ever had! A pleasure to use.

Marie Sharp's Hot Sauce, Habanero Pepper, 10 Ounce

Chef Paul Prudhomme's Magic Seasoning Blends ~ Magic Barbecue Seasoning, 24-Ounce Canister

Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 18-1/2-Inch Charcoal Smoker, Black

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Cookbook

My cousin Martha, the queen of Belize, where this sauce comes from, introduced this sauce to me years ago and it's my absolute favorite!

Not crazy hot, full of flavor. Very hard to find.

Best dry rub that you can buy in a very ecomonical size.
If you smoke, grill or bake, you'll love this. it's the secret (not any more) ingredient in my smoked ribs.

This is my smoker and the smoker that many professionals use at home.

Flawless results. Beautifully made in the U.S. Great Customer service from Weber.

Most of my cookbooks sit on the shelf unused.

This one is full of great stuff from on the best BBQ places around.
More than barbeque - seafood, sides, much more.

Tufoil Engine Treatment 32 oz.

Schumacher SC-10030A SpeedCharge 2/12-30/100 Amp Automatic Charger and Maintainer

Petzl Tikka Improved Lumen Output Plus 2 Headlamp

Craftsman 19.2v C3 1/2" Impact Wrench

Add this to your oil at every oil change (whether you change your own or not).

I've used Tufoil in all my cars for many decades and it absolutely extends the life of your engine, improves mileage and power!

Best charger that I've ever had by far!

Charges, maintains, tests and desulfides.

Really well made in the U.S.

I use this light all the time around the house, on projects, walking at night, working on the car, etc

Really bright! Batteries last a long time. Multimode, battery indicator, more.

This impact wrenhc has been a lifesaver! lots of power to break bolts loose. makes repair, tire changing a breeze!

I have a growing family of Craftsmen C-3 tools - vacuum, lights, drills, sander, buffer, lithoum batteries. They all work great!

Nikon D610
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Panasonic Lumix FZ-70
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Canon CP-910 printer
Crucial MX100 512GB SATA 2.5"Internal Solid State Drive 

I was ready to dump my laptop and desktop until I installed one of these in each. Huge difference in speed!

This is a solid state hard drive. Much, much faster than the hard drive that you have and you can drop it with no harm.

Check to make sure which exact one works with your system.

I got this and am thrilled with it. It does most everything that my Pro D3 camera does and more - Steve Lipofsky
Phenominal in low light -Spectacular image quality - Full HD video - FX format - Built-in flash

I got it with the 24-85mm VR (Vibration reduction) lens. I couldn't be happier with the 24-85.
Super sharp - Light and small - VR works great!

This is the updated version of the point and shoot camera that I carry around, myself.

It has an amazing 20mm - 1200mm 60X zoom with very good anti shake.

Full HD video with great sound.

I own this and love it!

Compact little printer that you can take with you anywhere you go.
Print from your camera, Cell phone, tablet. Has WIFI

Big Tex - temporarily unavailable

Lifesmart Life Pro Large Room 6 Element Infrared Heater w/Remote
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Hauppauge 1191 WinTV-HVR-950Q Hi-Speed USB HDTV Adapter With Cable TV And ATSC Antenna Connection
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Panasonic NI-L70SR Cordless Iron, Curved Stainless Steel Soleplate, White/Clear Green
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All metal, beautifully made cap gun. Made in Italy
around $18 .

Just got this and couldn't be happier.
Heats whole room quietly to exact temperature

This allows you to watch TV on your desk top or laptop. You can make the TV screen any size that you want.

I use this to watch TV in a small window while I edit photos.

This is the best iron you will ever own.
And it's cordless!