Mini Cooper Tips and Tricks

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Mini Cooper Tips and Tricks
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Mini Cooper adding cargo compartment light

I needed a cargo light for my 2009 Mini Cooper Base, which has poor lighting in the cargo area in the rear.

This light is small enough to fit most anywhere and has a nice, clean style. It's very bright and has a diffused white plastic cover which I much prefer to the lights with clear covers (too harsh and directional). The bright, diffuse light evenly fills the interior.

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Remove trim to get to cargo light, including roof trim pillar.

Splice the wires that go to the existing cargo light.

Attach the positive 12v Mini wire to the red light wire

Combine the Light's black and white wire and attach to the Mini's cargo liught ground wire.

Run wires though roof pillar and under roof trim panel.

Poke small hole in roof trim panel to run light wires though and stick light to roof.