Cavic Family

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The purpose of this site will be for the family to share photos, stories, and family history and to pass this along to
younger members of the family.

I know almost nothing about my great grand parents.

I want future generations of our family to get to know
Mary, George, Liz, Nick, Mike, Dot, Baba, Jed and others.

Please email photos, stories and anything that you'd like to share to me here at

I will soon take this site private to be shared with family only.
Please send me your email address and I'll keep you up to date.

Steve Lipofsky

Al Lipofsky photo
Ana (Tintor) Cavic
(2/1/1898 - 8/16/1980)

Al Lipofsky photo
George Cavic
(1891 - 8/1970)