George Cavic

23 Years as Boston Celtics Photographer. Experienced in All Aspects of Photography.

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Peterborough NH

Cavic Family

Al Lipofsky photo
George Cavic
(1891 - 8/1970)

Al Lipofsky photo
Wife Ana
(2/1/1898 - 8/16/1980)


George Cavic was born in Gornji Hrastovac this is in what is now Croatia. This is about 8 to 10 miles from where Ana lived, about 70 miles from Zagreb capital of Croatia.

Sisak is nearby. It's fairly large but not a city by our standards. This place may be where George's sister was murdered by the Ustasha around 1943.

George came to America with brothers, John and Michael. They all lived in Michigan . George and John came to Boston. Michael went to Granite City Illinois.

George had a Brother Stoyan, who was born deaf. My mother Mary would speak of saying good bye to her favorite uncle , Stoyan when she left Yugoslavia in 1929. He told her that they would never see one another again. She would always cry at the memory - Steve Lipofsky

George, Ana and Michael moved from South Boston to Bedford MA.(Thanks to Michael Cavic for this information).

This map needs explanation from Uncle Mike. I believe that it shows the homes of Baba and Jed.

Baba, Mary, George, and Dorothy came from Yugoslavia in 1929 on the Mexique
To learn more about the Mexique
Click Here (Thanks to Jim Callahan) More here
Passenger manifest Detainee List
Young George was quarantined with TB